Winners in each age division will have all or part of their fee waived for AAU Nationals or The West Coast Championships. Reimbursement will be a sliding scale based on 12 teams in each age group. If the first place team has already won a free entry OR does not accept the free entry, the free entry will go to the second place team.

Event Policy

This event is sanctioned by the Amateur Athletic Union of the U. S., Inc. • All participants must have a current AAU membership.
• AAU membership may not be included as part of the entry fee to the event.
• AAU membership must be obtained before the competition begins except where the event operator has a laptop available with an internet connection.

Roster Disclaimer

All teams must submit their official AAU roster that is generated from the AAU website or an AAU verified roster from the AES website. No other roster will be accepted.


Payment is due by April 28, 2019. No refunds will be given after April 10, 2019. Prior to that a 50% refund will be given to teams that drop from the event.